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Make the shift

Spiritual alchemy for Higher consciousness


Soul Aligning offers classes, resources and 1:1 sessions designed to re-connect you to your highest path and purpose and assist you in transforming your life. Make the shift from the limiting 3D programs to the new 5D consciousness and beyond.

Receive guidance on your present choices and future outcomes in any life area: relationships, career, health, and more. And, learn how to develop your ability to access higher consciousness through spiritual alchemy.

Through the soul aligning sessions, you can discover your soul’s journey through lifetimes and dimensions, and learn how to access the ancient wisdom encoded within your DNA and recorded in the quantum field/Akashic Record.

When you re-connect with your soul gifts and knowledge, you discover how to activate your light-body, and unlock the door to quantum healing, inter-dimensional vision, astral projection, clairvoyance, psychic ability and much more. We are meant to use these innate gifts for our spiritual growth and access to higher consciousness…cosmic consciousness.


Individual sessions are provided via phone using a free conference call line and all sessions are recorded.

The Soul Aligning Reading is designed to reveal your soul gifts, soul-star family, soul archetypes, soul lineage, soul traumas, energetic blocks and patterns, other lifetimes and potential future events.  

You can gain insight into relationships, career, health and other life areas. Re-connect with your spiritual team and receive their guidance on how to connect with them by advancing your own intuitive abilities. Click below to see the variety of sessions offered.

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Jami, creator of Soul Aligning, is dedicated to sharing knowledge and tools with light-workers and spiritual seekers to advance their spiritual growth, healing and self-development.

If you want to participate in a community of light-workers and spiritual seekers, please request to join the Soul Aligning Lightworker Community on Facebook.

Soul Aligning Light-Worker Academy

As soon as Jami started speaking, I knew she was special. She spoke with such clarity, conviction and love that her guidance resonated so strongly with me. I had probably done over 10 readings throughout the course my life with various modalities from the East and West, and all of them combined couldn't come close to the accuracy and depth of Jami's reading - and that's no hyperbole!
Coupled with her professionalism and comprehensiveness, I was blown away at the end of the session. She's the kind of mentor one could hope to have!

- Chris

“Jami is Incredible!!!  Make an appointment ! I highly recommend Jami for soul alignment and Akashic records readings. Jami is authentic, she is specific and will help your understanding reach an entirely new level.  Jami has helped me tremendously... she has helped me to understand my records and to make sense of the patterns/ etc.   most importantly , she has helped me to make positive changes..  talk with her —-it’s truly a transformative experience for Akashic records ,, relationships, past life regression.  She is legit and each reading is very personalized.  You’ll get exactly what you need.”

Leigh Ann Mills

“I have had the pleasure of having a Akashic Record/Soul Aligning Reading with Jami and OMG was I blown away.  Jami is amazing, gifted and beyond talented with her “gift”.  This experience with Jami was enlightening and powerful.  I felt transformation happening within me immediately following our phone call. If you are hesitant, curious or haven’t tried this before, Jami is the REAL DEAL!  No joke.  A must do in this lifetime.”

-Michelle “Motherella” Piper

 My Soul Aligning reading was top TEN -- one of the clearest and most practical, directly and immediately impactful readings I've enjoyed in my 63 years of spiritual development. 

-L. Joy

“If you are looking to improve yourself on any level, the first place to start would be a session with Jami ! My life was very unbalanced but after working with Jami and receiving information about my past and soul blueprint, I kick started a wonderful year of healing. 

A year later, I’m receiving messages and guidance on my own, but still turn to Jami for assistance and guidance which she shares openly. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey, give her a call and schedule something today.”


“Thank you for helping me understand more fully about my soul's journey here.  I'm looking forward to my spiritual growth moving forward with more understanding. My soul aligning session with you just changed the way I view everything.”
- Sheri

"I had the most authentic and comforting experience with Jami. It was recommended I get attuned and was told to seek out Jami. My experience was the best gift I could have ever received. I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined, and now I have been gifted with the understanding of how my soul has journeyed, and what purposes I serve. Having so many things confirmed, I have been graced with a new path. Jami is brilliant, blessed and so very skilled. Thank you Jami!"

- Barb


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