Welcome to Soulaligning.com.

This site is intended to be a resource for anyone, no matter where they are along their spiritual path. Through 1:1 sessions with Jami or through access to educational content on the site, those that seek, can learn more about their soul gifts, purpose, and other metaphysical topics for self development.

After doing her spiritual work “on the side” while working as a Speech-Language Pathologist for 18 years, and raising her own children, Jami decided to devote herself full-time to her passion: being of service to those who want to transform their lives and connect with their higher selves.

“My mission as a metaphysical teacher, multi-dimensional soul reader, energy healer and channel for higher dimensional energies, is to assist others in reconnecting to their highest path and purpose for this lifetime. 

Through 3 decades of study and practice of metaphysical teachings, I realized that I had found the keys to tapping in to the wisdom, abilities and purpose that our souls hold.  By accessing the quantum field of energy, we can reconnect with the non-physical, higher dimensional aspect of ourselves, and use that knowledge to transform our lives in amazing ways!

Even though I spend much of my time in the "spiritual realm", I want everything that I teach to be practical and as down to earth as possible.  It is all meant to help us improve our lives in real, tangible ways, in the fastest possible time-frame.  

My mission is three-fold:

1. To share this information with as many people as possible,  so they too can manifest the abundance, well-being and inner balance that is waiting for them. Life is not meant to be a struggle, and when we shift our perception of reality, and raise our vibrational point of attraction,  it becomes fulfilling and fun.

2. To connect with other light-workers who need guidance on how to step into their own gifts as healers, psychics, mediums, channels, and much more.  Many have felt an inner push to find their purpose, and once given the information from their own soul lineage, they awaken their spiritual abilities and finally embrace their own mission to help others or the earth.

3. To connect with spirit guides on multi-dimensional levels to provide my clients with specific guidance about any choices or life issues. I always include guidance on how each person can begin to receive clearer guidance directly from their own guides.