Just a few of our Happy Clients

“If you are looking to improve yourself on any level, the first place to start would be a session with Jami ! My life was very unbalanced but after working with Jami and receiving information about my past and soul blueprint, I kick started a wonderful year of healing. 

A year later, I’m receiving messages and guidance on my own, but still turn to Jami for assistance and guidance which she shares openly. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey, give her a call and schedule something today.”


“I had a soul reading done with Jami and it was incredible! Not only was she able to tell me what my gifts/potentials are brought into this lifetime but she was able to share the same information for my daughter. Jami was able to shed light on my relationship with my daughter in this life as well as past lives. She discovered some blocks/restrictions from a past life and also outlined the vows my daughter and I took in previous lifetimes. This reading was extremely eye opening and helped me to see some of my “limitations”. I feel this reading will help us greatly in moving forward. Jami is extremely talented and I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for more clarity and to learn more about themselves and their relationships with others.”

— Erin

"I took my first Soul Aligning class with Jami Derro in 2017, as I navigated through serious health decisions, her high-level abilities, and skills using the Akashic and high vibrational energy was exactly what I expected... but I left with remarkably so much more."


"This is such an amazing experience! Jami is such a calming person and always looks for your highest good. I learned so much about current relationships as well as my past and purpose. This reading helps address so many aspects of your life and how to move forward. I have worked with Jami for the past few years and she offers such amazing guidance and is such a positive kind soul!!"

- K.G.

"I had the most authentic and comforting experience with Jami. It was recommended I get attuned and was told to seek out Jami. My experience was the best gift I could have ever received. I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined, and now I have been gifted with the understanding of how my soul has journeyed, and what purposes I serve. Having so many things confirmed, I have been graced with a new path. Jami is brilliant, blessed and so very skilled. Thank you Jami!"

- Barb


“Jami is an incredibly gifted and intuitive individual! She is always a joy to work with, and makes me feel comfortable with any subject we are discussing. Each time I have had a session with Jami, it has been life changing. She always knows what topics I need to be discuss to better my life at that time. She is also able to tap into issues of the past to help me release negativity to allow positive changes to happen. The soul reading Jami provided was an incredibly spiritual experience. The homework that was given for me to follow up on after the session was rejuvenating and brought peace and clarity into my day to day life. I highly recommend Jami’s services to anyone who wants to improve their life in any capacity. ”

— A.S.

"I started working with Jami about 2yrs ago and have had many sessions and classes with her during that time.  Each and every one has been as remarkable as the first.  I am always learning something new, not only about the Spiritual/metaphysical realms, but also about myself.  She has helped me rediscover that world and myself in that process, which has been a huge game changer for me.  With her teachings I have uncovered many blocks I had been holding onto for years and have and have since been able to release helping improve my life overall.  I have finally been able to open myself back up to receiving the things I want in this life.  I love her style of teaching, and love that she explains everything in ways that make it easy to understand.  She’s very kind, open hearted, and welcoming to everyone.  I highly recommend working with her on your journey."