Using A Pendulum: Online Workshop

Using A Pendulum: Online Workshop


In this 3 part video series, you will learn how to use a pendulum as a tool for connecting with your spiritual team to receive guidance, to predict the future, and to identify chakra imbalances. This course includes a PDF for download.

Part 1: Getting Started With Your Pendulum

  • Preparing your pendulum

  • How to make the connection with your spiritual team

  • How to formulate questions the right way!

  • Common mistakes to avoid

Part 2: Predicting the Future and Dowsing Charts

  • Learn about how the future really works

  • Use your pendulum to determine probable outcomes of future events.

  • Learn how to determine which life choices are best for you.

  • Learn to create and use Dowsing Charts to get more specific guidance beyond just yes/no.

  • Learn to use the charts to do readings for yourself or others.

Part 3: Identifying and Clearing Chakra Imbalances

  • Learn about the 7 energy centers (Chakras)

  • Learn how to use the pendulum to identify imbalances in the chakra system for yourself or others.

  • Learn to identify the root cause of chakra imbalances and how to clear.

  • Learn how imbalances cause energy blocks in the mental body, emotional body, and physical body.

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