Connecting With Spirit 101

Connecting With Spirit 101


This 4 part video presentation will give you all of the foundational information you need to get started building a strong connection to your non-physical support team! You will learn that there is nothing to fear, and that we are all designed to be able to communicate with those in the spiritual realm that are guiding us all the time. 

The content of this course promotes communication with beings that love us and are in alignment with pure positive energy.

Part 1:

  • How energy works and connects us to the Akashic Field/Quantum Field where we can access all information.

  • Your spiritual support team: Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels and Loved ones.

  • How we use our non-physical senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizence to receive guidance from our spiritual team.

  • Psychics, Mediums, Channels and Empaths

Part 2:

  • What is a dimension and why you need to know!

  • The 4th Dimension: Our energy body (emotional body and mental body)

  • The 4th Dimension: earthbound spirits, ghosts, thought forms, and lower astrals.

  • How limiting beliefs serve to limit our ability to connect to the higher dimensions and our spiritual team.

Part 3:

  • The 5th Dimension: the idea that there is no linear time in the non-physical dimensions. Looking into other lifetimes and potential futures.

  • How to gain access to the 5th dimension where you have clear communication with your Higher Self, Guides, Loved Ones, Akashic Records/quantum field, angels and more.

Part 4:

  • A guided meditation in which you will have the chance to meet your own spirit guide!

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