Soul Aligning

Light-Worker Academy

Welcome to the Soul Aligning Light-Worker Academy!

Our classes and workshops are designed to assist you in advancing your understanding and use of your soul’s gifts and metaphysical abilities.

When that code or signal is activated in you, that’s when Jami will appear in your life.   She will take you through this awakening and remembering of who you really are and that’s when you will start LIVING.  LIVING as in consciously and with the use of all your senses to learn and fulfill your purpose.  To really know yourself, remove the dogmas, limiting beliefs, eliminate patterns that do not serve you and the pointless suffering in your life.  You’ll learn to use your natural gifts and you will expand in all aspects of your life, from the mundane to the spiritual.
— Ileana
I appreciate the opportunity to take such an awe - inspiring class! Very effective, very informative, and soul awakening! I find my perspective and my view in every aspect of my life has been enlightened and broadened in the highest sense. I feel happier , and joyful and I find that this journey is one of inner knowing. If you are looking to dig into your life from a soul level , understand your blocks and what’s really limiting you .. then take this class. It will open your eyes, literally!
— Leigh


This 8-week group mentorship program is designed to accelerate your spiritual alchemy (transformation), and align you with higher consciousness and your abilities as a light-worker. This is an opportunity to work with Jami to facilitate your shift from 3D limiting beliefs to 5D quantum consciousness.

Online Video Classes/Workshops

*Please note that classes are not refundable.