Soul Aligning




What is Soul Aligning?

ALIGNMENT IS EVERYTHING! Jami, from Soul Aligning, offers classes, podcasts, metaphysical resources, and Multi-Dimensional/ Quantum Field- Soul Readings to assist people in aligning their thoughts and actions with their Soul's intentions, gifts and higher purpose for this lifetime.

Do you know your Soul Lineage, Soul Archetypes and Soul Connections? This information is VITAL! Those of us that are spiritual seekers, or lightworkers, are ready to tap into all of the wisdom and knowledge that is held by our Souls within our DNA, and within the quantum field known as the Akasha. It's time to awaken and use that ancient wisdom to transform our lives and to fully step into our bigger purpose!

How is it transformative?

When you understand the reason your soul chose to incarnate at this time, and the abilities you intended to access, you can make life choices that are in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

When you align your actions and thoughts with the nature of your soul, you open access to higher wisdom and perspectives.  Imagine making life choices with this big picture in mind.

What People Are Saying...

“I have had the pleasure of having a Akashic Record/Soul Aligning Reading with Jami and OMG was I blown away.  Jami is amazing, gifted and beyond talented with her “gift”.  This experience with Jami was enlightening and powerful.  I felt transformation happening within me immediately following our phone call.

If you are hesitant, curious or haven’t tried this before, Jami is the REAL DEAL!  No joke.  A must do in this lifetime.”
-Michelle “Motherella” Piper

“Jami is Incredible!!!  Make an appointment ! I highly recommend Jami for soul alignment and Akashic records readings. Jami is authentic, she is specific and will help your understanding reach an entirely new level.  Jami has helped me tremendously... she has helped me to understand my records and to make sense of the patterns/ etc.   most importantly , she has helped me to make positive changes..  talk with her —-it’s truly a transformative experience for Akashic records ,, relationships, past life regression.  She is legit and each reading is very personalized.  You’ll get exactly what you need.”

-Leigh Ann Mills
Owner, Love and Light with Leigh
Jikiden Reiki Shihan-kaku practitioner
Former LPGA tour Player
Oncology information specialist at CTCA.  
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Jami Derro, Creator of Soul Aligning