Star-Souls, Walk-Ins and Spiritual Alchemy

Star-souls a.k.a. Star-seeds are souls that have evolved within the higher dimensions and have chosen to be of service to humanity at this particular time. At some point in the soul’s incarnation into physical human form, there is an activation that triggers the process of Spiritual Alchemy.

What is spiritual alchemy? It is the ancient process of transformation by which one awakens from the dark and progresses into the embodiment of light - enlightenment.  Star-souls intend to remember their soul mission at some point during their physical lifetime.

The purpose and intention of each star-soul plays a role in how they will awaken, as does the timing and method of their incarnation.

Star-souls typically enter this physical Earth reality in one of three ways:  

Birth Incarnation:

The soul incarnates as a baby, and at some point in early childhood development, goes through a forgetting process. The ego mind consciousness takes root, and the awareness becomes immersed in the reality of the 5 physical senses. 

The conscious mind “forgets” why the soul is here, and then at some point during the person’s life. through the initiation and activation of stage one of spiritual alchemy, the conscious mind becomes more aware of the information held in the subconscious mind and begins the process of awakening and remembering. 

Typically, by the time the person experiences the 5th stage or 6th stage of alchemy, they have become aware of their star race or star family. Whether they are given the information during a dream, a vision, a meditation, or by someone like me that retrieves information from the akashic field, their soul origins are revealed.

But, not all star-souls will follow the same progression from disconnection and amnesia to remembrance and enlightenment through the incremental steps of spiritual alchemy beginning with the first stage.

Some of the star- souls that are newer to this physical Earth reality, what I call “new star- seeds” don’t go through the typical forgetting process. They maintain a knowing of their star race and their purpose here from a very young age. They may incarnate into a higher stage of alchemy.

Walk-In Souls:

Walk-in souls choose to bypass the process of birth and enter into an ongoing life experience. This happens in different ways depending on the circumstances. Sometimes the original soul feels that this incarnation is no longer in alignment for the purpose that was intended. This can happen right after birth or at any time during the incarnation. Sometimes the changing of souls was pre-planned before the incarnation. You could consider it like a time-share. But in all cases, the first soul connected to the physical body gives permission for the other soul to take over so to speak.

It is not the same as a possession in the typical sense of the word, but it is more of a trading places. Often when someone is in a coma, the original soul is deciding whether or not to continue with the incarnation. If the soul does not choose to continue, either the physical life will end, or another soul may desire to step-in.  This is the decision made on the soul-level.

In some cases, when it is time for a star-soul to be activated and spiritual alchemy initiated, there will be a walk-in scenario where a soul aspect from a higher dimension will step in to propel the person forward on their spiritual path.

When a “walk-in” occurs, the person may or may not be aware of this shift in consciousness in terms of “knowing” that a new consciousness is now connected. But, the person will definitely feel different and have a sudden shift in perspective. They typically will retain memories and the emotional and mental energy bodies.

Walk-in souls will most likely have a rapid progression through the stages of spiritual alchemy. It may seem as if the person makes quantum leaps in their awareness and access to higher consciousness.


There are advanced beings that have the ability to materialize a physical body to interact as a physical person within this reality in order to serve a specific purpose, and then when that purpose is concluded, the body is de-materialized.  

They have the honed the ability to pop in and out of timelines that we would perceive as past, present, or future. But instead of just projecting their consciousness into a timeline as we all can do using astral projection, they actually materialize and appear physically.

All star-souls (with the exception of those that materialize to teach or guide temporarily) will at some point, either in this lifetime or another, go through the remembering stages of spiritual alchemy. With each stage, the conscious mind is “de-programmed” from the limiting beliefs of the 3rd dimensional construct. These limiting beliefs serve as filters through which the pure energy of creation flows. It is meant to flow unimpeded, but we have been programmed to filter it through fear, lack, unworthiness, etc.

When these beliefs are removed, the energy can once again flow as intended-changing our lives in every way. We then begin the later stages of alchemy in which we “embody” the Higher Self and activate the Light Body. This is what is known as “enlightenment.”

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