Ascending: Living in Conscious Awareness

If you are in any way involved in the metaphysical community, you have no doubt heard about “ascension,” but many are confused about what it actually means for them. So, what is ascension?

First, let me tell you what it is not. There are some starseeds that have the misconception that ascension means they can zap themselves out of this current physical experience. This idea appeals to them because their perception is that life is too hard and they are just tired of this physical gig.

But, in my experience connecting with the souls of starseeds, and given the information from the light beings I work with in the higher dimensions, we did not choose to incarnate with the intent of bailing out of here as quickly as possible.

Actually, for the majority of us, we chose to incarnate now in order to align with the highest energies and awareness possible while we are living in the earth experience.

Ascension is the process of shifting conscious awareness beyond the physical body, beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions and being able to expand into the higher realms/dimensions while still incarnated here and now. It is the completion of spiritual alchemy while in our current lifetime. When we do our inner work and activate our light body, we merge with our higher selves and live from this higher perspective.

The process of ascension allows us to live as the spiritual masters that we are … with access to the type of abilities we typically consider to be reserved for those like Jesus and Buddha. The lessons of these masters teach that we ALL have this potential. We all have the ability to activate our light body and align with the vibration of Christ Consciousness and all that it entails.

Imagine living your daily life from the perspective of the highest aspect of your multi-dimensional soul. You would exude an unconditional love for yourself and every other being in the Universe. You would have access to miraculous healing energy, and psychic ability. You would be able to communicate effortlessly and telepathically with benevolent light beings within multiple dimensions of reality. You would be able to manifest anything and be anywhere with the power of your superconscious mind.

Believe it or not, all of this is available to us! So, how do we get from where we are now…acting like mere mortals, to living like multi-dimensional masters?

Step one:

Let go of all limiting beliefs, and any blocks/restrictions from any lifetime that are limiting your ability to raise your dominant vibration into alignment with your inner being/higher self. First and foremost, let go of the belief that you are the victim of circumstances decided by anything or anyone outside of yourself.

Step two:

Let go of any blame, shame or guilt. Forgive yourself and everyone else for anything and everything. Understand that you are the master of your perception and what you perceive is the result of your own dominant thoughts/emotions/beliefs.

Step three:

Express unconditional love for everything and everyone. This means that you love yourself and love everyone from the higher perspective of your soul…independent of circumstances. This does not mean that you need to be around people who behave in a way that does not feel good to you. It means realizing that there is no separation between you and anyone else and all are deserving of love and compassion.

Step four:

Let go of judgments. This goes beyond the idea of judging people based on subjective criteria. You must let go of the duality of judgment that says “this is bad” or “that is good” on any subject. In one-ness, there is no duality, no good or bad, no light and dark. There is only Source energy being expressed in a variety of ways with different types of distortions. When you condemn anything or anyone, you are condemning yourself.

One way to shift your thinking on this matter is to talk about your experienced as “preferred” or “not preferred” or “wanted/unwanted” versus good or bad. You don’t need to eliminate your preferences, just your judgments.

So, there you have it… 4 simple steps, easy peasy, right?

Yes and no, depending on your level of commitment and ability to shed the limitations of the ego mind. Everyone will move at their own pace along the path to the enlightened consciousness that is available to us now.

There are many more aspects of our soul that we will experience as we move through the stages of spiritual alchemy and as we gain access to more and more of the wisdom held within. This article is only the basic formula for the transformation to living in the light of cosmic consciousness.

Much love,


Jami Derro