5 Steps to Opening The Heart Chakra: The Gateway to Higher Consciousness

As we move through the stages of “Spiritual Alchemy”, aka spiritual transformation, we come to the doorway between the physical dimensions and the spiritual dimensions. That doorway is the heart center, the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is located at the midpoint between the lower three chakras that relate to how we interact in our physical 3D environment and the upper three chakras which relate to our spiritual awareness and abilities to interact with the non-physical dimensions.

Because it bridges the physical and the spiritual, the heart chakra is absolutely pivotal in our spiritual development, and our psychic development as well. If you are feeling a push to know more fully your spiritual path and purpose for this lifetime, and to re-discover your intuitive abilities and higher wisdom, you must activate and open the heart chakra. When you do this you will be on your way to advanced awareness, healing and transformation.

So, how do you open your hear chakra? I will share with you some powerful techniques, but you must find what works for you. Some you may need help with, and others are for you to do on your own.

1) A Soul Level Facilitated Activation:

When you have a soul reading, such as the Soul Aligning Session, you will learn about your specific soul abilities, what to release, and what to focus on for your quickest path to transformation. You will be energetically re-connected to the Higher Self and will clear any energetic blocks from any lifetime that are getting in your way. This is a process that is necessary in order to move from the 3rd stage of spiritual alchemy into the 4th stage.

We all have the means and the ability to release energetic blocks and patterns from any lifetime for ourselves, but many feel they don’t know how, and feel they need assistance. Either way is appropriate. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it.

2) Release What Is Not In Alignment:

In addition to the soul level energetic release of patterns and blocks, you will be required to release anything in your life that is not a vibrational match to love and self love. This is the energy of stage three in Spiritual Alchemy. The longer you put off making the changes you need to make, the longer you will remain in this specific stage.

In order to activate the heart chakra and move through the 4th stage of Spiritual Alchemy, we have to honor ourselves and learn to really love ourselves. We cannot hold on to anything that is not in alignment with self love.

Have you remained in a relationship that really isn’t working for you? Does it feel like you have outgrown it? What about your job? Do you feel burned out or that it isn’t what you are meant to do? Are you taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

When we “settle” for anything less than what makes our heart sing, we are not honoring ourselves. When any aspect of our life diminishes us in any way, we need to make an energetic shift. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will know what you need to let go.

This can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. Many will decide they feel more comfortable staying in the negative circumstances rather than facing the unknown. That is a free will choice and there is no judgment. There will be other lifetimes to work through it all again.

Although this stage brings growing pains and changes, it is always worth it, and it always leads to expansion. Many times during soul readings, I can see all of the rainbows on the other side of a choice, but the client is too worried about the storm to walk through it. If they would just let go of what they hold on to out of fear, they would be amazed at how awesome life would be for them.

3) Forgiveness and Clearing Low-Vibe Energies

You cannot fully open your heart chakra until you have let go of any blame toward another or toward yourself. You must come to truly know that you are the creator of your reality, and that every experience from the time you came into this lifetime was created by you.

Even the early childhood experiences that were “negative” were chosen by your soul for a reason. You did not “deserve” to be abused or mis-treated, but your soul chose the circumstances for your growth, knowing the big picture of not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes. This idea kicks up a lot of resistance for many people. We see children as innocent victims, and it is hard to digest the idea that they are truly infinitely wise souls that planned the incarnation and those with whom they will experience life.

When you can look at your life experiences from the view point of your Higher Self, you will see how each person and experience taught you something and caused you to grow. These are spiritual agreements that we have with other souls. They play the roles we asked them to play, so how can we possibly blame them?

We cannot blame another for anything and also believe we are an extension of God/Creator/Source Energy. You cannot be victim and creator at the same time.

Allow yourself to think of anyone in your life that you blame in any way. Think of them and in your mind or out loud, say the following phrase:

“Thank you for playing the role that I asked you to play. I know that our souls chose our experiences for our highest good. I appreciate the growth. Please forgive me for seeing you as anything less than the infinite Divine Being that you are, and I forgive you for the same. I hereby release any energetic cord between us, in all dimensions, that is limiting in any way. All energy is transmuted to love.”

4) Cultivate Authentic Self-Love

This is essential for the heart chakra. When we hold feelings of anger, blame, shame or unworthiness, it literally closes down our heart center. In order to fully activate it, we have to truly love ourselves. So what does that mean? We must look at how we treat ourselves. To be honest, must of us are our own worst bullies! Think of how we treat ourselves versus how we treat a child that we love.

We don’t criticize a child we love, or tell them they aren’t good enough. We don’t tell them they are un-lovable and focus on their mistakes. We love them unconditionally no matter what they do or don’t do. We love them just for “being.” We see the beauty in them and focus on that. We cheer them on and celebrate their successes. We don’t punish them for their perceived “failures.” We show them patience and nurturing.

How many of us can say that we treat ourselves this same way? Notice how often you criticize yourself and compare yourselves to others. Stop it! Stop blaming yourself for anything in your past. Each breath in each moment is an opportunity to create a new experience. Focusing on the past will keep it alive and active.

Self talk is very important. Look yourself in the eyes every day in the mirror and say “I love you powerful soul.” Several times a day, remind yourself that you are the powerful creator of your reality. Remind yourself of the God/Source Energy that is within you…it IS you!

Would you look upon God/Creator/Source and say “You aren’t good enough.” or “You aren’t able to change these circumstances.” or “You are ugly, fat, sick, too quiet, too loud, to dumb…”?

That is exactly what you do every time you say those words to yourself. You are not separate from God/Creator/Source! And you are not separate from anyone else either. So when you say or think those things about another being, it is the same as saying it about yourself and about God/Creator/Source.

5) Meditate and Visualize

The fifth and final step is to focus this powerful God/Creator/Source energy on your heart chakra during meditation and visualization. Set aside some time each day to sit with a quiet mind. Imagine white light coming in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, and radiating through your body and out through your feet deep into the earth. Then imagine the white light coming back up and through you and out the crown again. After repeating this visualization a few times, imagine the light focusing on the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the color of emerald green, and you may imagine the green light emanating outward. Just hold the light there and hold the intention that you wish to open your heart chakra and heal or release anything that is not in alignment with this intention.

Allow yourself to perceive any feelings or memories that arise. Note them and then see them leave your heart chakra and turn into white butterflies that then fly away.

You may also imagine a rose in front of you. A rose has a very high vibration and is powerful imagery when opening the heart chakra. You can imagine anything that needs to be released being pulled out by the rose and dissolved. You could also use Rose Quartz for this as well.

Be patient with yourself and practice self-care. Take salt baths and clear your energy field often. This is powerful energy we are dealing with when we activate and open the heart chakra! Once you are ready, and your heart chakra is activated, you will have access to the higher planes of consciousness…and then things really get interesting!

Much love to you all…you infinitely powerful creators!

Jami Derro