What is Soul Retrieval?

You may have heard of the concept of “soul retrieval.” But, if you are like most people, you may not know what it actually means, or if it is something you should do!

To really understand this concept, you’ll have to bend your mind a little bit. You will have to think from a 5D quantum standpoint versus a 3D linear standpoint. And in fact, this shift in perception is the point of spiritual development and higher awareness at it’s core. So, if you are interested in advancing spiritually, you will at some point need to make this shift anyway.

In the 3D point of view, we have a construct we call time, and it is linear..past-present-future. Even those that believe in reincarnation, think of it in terms of linear time. “Past'“ lives that would have occurred in a time period that we consider our past, and they are over and done.

When we look at other lifetimes in 5D, which is where we can access the Akashic Field, we see that all of our lifetimes that we see as past or future are really all existing now! How can this be? It is because on the quantum level, there is no space or time. The non-physical realms do not have our man-made constructs and physics.

Imagine that everything that has ever existed or will ever exists is all available within the quantum field/Akashic field. Our current lifetime is one of these. We are having the experience of this particular incarnation because our consciousness is focused upon it. The other lifetimes are like books we have written and acted out, and have then put on a shelf. They did not disappear into thin air. They are still there even though we are currently involved in this current life story.

Every experience from each lifetime is beneficial and plays a part in the evolution and expansion of the soul. In terms of this analogy, each book contains extremely valuable information. If your soul has intended to for you to achieve a state of expanded awareness while participating in this physical Earth realm, your soul will guide to to retrieving all of this information so that you can consciously access it now. Just as you draw on information and skills you learned in school or through your life experiences in this lifetime, you can draw on what you have learned in all lifetimes.

Every lifetime is a piece in the holographic puzzle that is your soul. The gift of the awakened human is the ability to see the entire puzzle picture. To do that, you must retrieve energetically all of the puzzle pieces. When you have done this “soul retrieval,” you are healed. The word “heal” literally means to “make whole again.” That is what you are doing when you re-collect the pieces of your soul puzzle.

I see this with people who have achieved a certain level of spiritual awareness, and have evolved through lifetimes to the point that they are clearing away any last karmic energy and are ready to become “whole” again while still living in a physical body in this lifetime.

When an individual successfully gains conscious access to the whole picture, they have access to all information within the quantum field. Imagine that! That requires one to have entered into the 7th stage of spiritual alchemy while in this physical incarnation. There are people on this earth now that are living examples of this type of power. They are fully accessing all of the spiritual abilities that can be accessed while in a physical body. These abilities include materialization, bi-location, levitation, psychic vision, healing abilities, astral projection, etc.

If soul retrieval is a part of your soul’s intention for this lifetime, that information can be obtained from the quantum field. There are also those that are here to assist other souls with soul retrieval. This can be done through different modalities depending on the mission of that particular soul. In my particular case, I am participating in my own soul retrieval as well as helping others. I use my ability to access the quantum field/Akashic field to retrieve soul information for others. I help them re-connect to their higher soul aspects. Once that re-connection occurs, they can integrate more fully with their soul missions.

Another part of my soul’s mission is to assist in clearing up the lower astrals within the 4th dimension. Within 4D, there are many “lost souls” so to speak. When a person dies, their energy should fully re-integrate with their over-soul. But, there are those that maintain a focus on the physical earth realm instead. They are what we would refer to as earthbound spirits/ghosts and/or energetic imprints. I assist them in re-connecting to their over-soul which is a form of soul retrieval.

Those who have signed up to help retrieve these soul aspects will either do so consciously or unconsciously. A medium would be someone who has the ability to do this consciously. It is often one of the main reasons they have the mediumship ability. They can sense an earthbound spirit and assist that spirit in reconnecting with the higher aspect of the soul. By doing so, they are helping them transition out of the lower astrals in 4D.

Why is this necessary? At this time in our spiritual development, we are raising our collective vibration. We are becoming more advanced in our consciousness, and when we allow these soul aspects to remain stuck in the lower astrals, it works against us in a way. They are around us, and many are influenced by their energy.

I have also met those that are participating in helping these earthbound energies unconsciously. They are working in the astrals during their sleep. Once they learn about it, they can always choose to provide this service consciously.

Many of the people I do soul readings for are participating in soul retrieval for themselves or others even though they were not consciously aware that it was part of their soul mission. Once they have re-connected with their mission, things really get going!

Are you ready to complete your puzzle?

Jami Derro