What Is "Reality" Really?

Seems like a weird question to ask, right? Some of you may be saying “Reality is reality…obviously! It is what I can sense with my physical senses and what I can understand with my mind. It is what IS and it is fact.”

But surely you’ve noticed that you may have a completely different view of reality than someone else? There is an abundance of evidence out there to prove this. Just take a look at the political posts on your Facebook feed!

You believe that certain things are fact, while others believe they are “fake news.” And, you both sincerely believe what you believe. So, if facts are “facts” why don’t we all see them the same way? It is the same with religious beliefs. Some believe 100% that re-incarnation is a fact of reality, while others believe that you go to heaven or hell and stay there for eternity. Both sides truly believe that what they believe is true. Why do we all see what is “reality” differently?

I believe the only real truth about reality is that there is no ONE reality. In fact, there are an infinite number of realities. Why is that? Because our perception affects the reality that we then perceive. Stay with me and I will make sense of this for you.

Quantum physicists happened upon this understanding during experiments with photons. They were expecting a certain outcome, and when they observed the experiment in progress, they witnessed the results they expected. But, when no one was observing, a different outcome occurred, even though all other variables remained the same. They came to the conclusion that when we observe something, just the act of observing it changes it.

If you pay attention, you will notice that it is very difficult for most of us to observe anything from a completely neutral stance, without any pre-conceived notions.

Give it a try, do your own experiment. Although, your experiment will most likely already be corrupted. Because as you are reading this now, you are already taking this information and shaping it with your beliefs and perceptions!

Every one of us has framework for what we believe to be true, and when we are exposed to new information, we automatically filter it through our current belief framework. If it fits with what we already believe, we allow it in. If it is outside of our current framework, we spit it out.

This is why you can debate until you are blue in the face, and you won’t change what someone else truly believes. They literally cannot see reality from your point of view. What you perceive as your reality every day is formed by your beliefs. These beliefs were born out of your personal experiences. These are your reality filters.

When an event happens, let’s say a car accident for example, and there are several parties and witnesses involved, every person may have a different perception of what really transpired. There is no one reality.

And, to make it more convoluted, your beliefs are your dominant point of attraction (dominant vibration) that are matched through the universal law of attraction (like attracts like). So you will see only evidence that supports and matches the beliefs you already hold. And, because the universe is matching you with experiences and information that aligns with your current belief system, it only serves to solidify that system even more.

It has been said that we really only perceive something like 5% of what is going on around us at one time. The way our physical senses are currently structured makes it virtually impossible to take in too much at one time. So we again use those filters we have to focus on some things and exclude other things. Right now as I am writing this, I am surrounded by environmental noises, light and sound waves, different dimensions of energy, smells, spirits, etc. But I am tuning most of it out.

But, that is about to change and “reality” is about to get a whole lot more interesting for many of us. Due to a collective shift in consciousness, those that are waking up and seeing the world from a different perspective…from a heart centered vibration, are opening their abilities to sense much more of what is around them than ever before.

The veil between dimensions is thinning and that can be really cool or really disconcerting depending on your perception. The good news is that our higher self and non-physical support team are using some filters of their own. They are preventing us from tuning in to too much at one time.

This is where spiritual alchemy comes into play. The spiritual path is a series of seven stages designed to raise our vibration, our consciousness incrementally. When you have done the inner work of one stage, you are given the key that opens the door to the next.

How fast you proceed depends on you, but you cannot progress without letting go of your perceptions of unworthiness, blame, dis-empowerment, shame, and guilt. If you allow these “filters” to remain, you will not gain access to the next level of awareness. It’s not a punishment, it is simply a matter of vibrational frequency.

Each stage allows access to higher vibrational realities/realms. Blame, hate, guilt, shame, and disempowerment are low frequencies that weigh you down and keep you from “lightening” up to that higher vibration that gives you access to the higher stages of spiritual transformation.

For those that have done their inner work and are moving into the 4th or 5th stage of spiritual alchemy, the veil will fall away, and they will be able to perceive realities that before they would say did not exist. And those new experiences will continue to shape their perception of reality.

One thing I have learned is that I cannot say anything is truly “fact.” Reality is always changing based on our ability to perceive it. As I gain access to higher dimensional realities, I have to continually open my mind to seeing the world in a completely different way than I once believed to be true.

Some of what I have seen or sensed or been exposed to, I wasn’t quite ready to assimilate because it was so far out of my mental framework. But, experience has taught me that if I can just keep an open mind, my framework will catch up and what once didn’t resonate will eventually resonate.

The bottom line is that “reality” is ever evolving and expanding based on our perceptions. So, keep your minds open, don’t fight for others to see reality as you do, and try to see life through the curiosity of a young child. Young children have a fresh, unlimited view. They are open to all possibilities.

Jami Derro