The Ripple Effect: Changing Past and Future Timelines

We have all had moments where we feel like little peons in the grand scheme of things. Maybe we feel like what we do doesn’t really affect much, or that how we live our lives really only matters to those that share this life with us as family members, co workers and friends. We tend to see ourselves as insignificant, and limited in our ability to make real changes in the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

What many people don’t realize is that that the choices they make, the emotions they emit, the energy they transmit in each and every moment, literally send a ripple of vibration through the fabric of space-time.

Through Quantum Entanglement, any particles of energy that were once “one” will continue to act as “one” after being separated, no matter the distance between them. If one particle experiences a change, the other particle, even in the farthest reaches of space, will experience the same change at exactly the same moment.

Since everything in existence, seen and unseen, is made up of the same source energy, we are therefore, “entangled” with every single thing, every single dimension, and every single particle! So, when you hear someone say, “We are all one,” it is true in the most literal sense.

Let this idea really sink in for a minute before I share with you some other mind-bending information….

Because we are all energetic threads in the fabric of all that is, we cannot take any action, have any emotion or focus any intention without it vibrating through the fabric.

If you don’t like the fabric of time/space analogy, you can think about it in terms of water. Think about dropping a pebble into a still lake. The energy from the pebble disrupting the water, sends out a ripple that expands outward in circles to the farthest reaches of the lake. The energy you transmit through your intentions, focused thoughts, and emotions, causes the same ripple effect in the multi-verse… in all of existence.

But, here’s where it gets really cool…

There are multiple layers of energy within existence (that water or that fabric), that form infinite dimensions. Most of us are only able to perceive our physical dimension that we call our “reality” because we have been trained since birth to focus on the particular sound vibrations that exist within the hearing capabilities of our physical ears, the light spectrum that our physical eyes can perceive, and all of the other types of vibration that we are able to perceive with our physical body apparatus.

But, just outside of that frequency range that we perceive as our physical reality, are all of these different dimensions that have a different bandwidth of frequencies. Whole other realities. And, since each of us is entangled with everything and everyone else, we also “exist” in these other dimensions too!

Some of these dimensions may be considered to be your “future reality" and others your “past realities.”

Let’s break that down real quick.. In truth, linear time is a man made 3D concept. We have decided that 365 days equal a year and that there are 24 hours in a day, etc.

Cosmic time is a whole other thing. If you have seen the movie “Interstellar” you may recall that one hour in space time = 7 years of time here on Earth. Now, there were wormholes and other planets involved, but the science is accurate. It just shows that time is relative.

Everything is really all happening NOW. Simultaneously. So, there is a version of you that is experiencing what you would call a past life, although it isn’t as if it is in the past. The setting may be the 1700’s in Europe, but it is existing now, just like you are existing now in your current reality.

The difference is that your conscious awareness is focused on your current reality, rather than the other reality.

When I do soul readings, I vibrationally connect into these other dimensional realities, and focus on them momentarily, to see what the choices the “you” in that lifetime in the 1700’s are making that are affecting you in this current reality that you call your current lifetime. We can find out what energy the “you”, in that other dimension of time-space, is transmitting and therefore causing a ripple effect that has, through entanglement, caused energetic disturbances in your “now” reality.

And, conversely, since we are connected to these other realities or other “lifetimes” if you will, the vibrations we put out through our own thoughts, emotions, focused intentions, will simultaneously affect every one of those other realities or lifetimes as well. It is the same if we are talking about “future” time settings.

You literally change the “past” and change the “future” simultaneously. It can be no other way!

You are vibrationally entangled, so any change in you, changes every other particle that also originated from the same source energy. Every particle that makes up everything in existence in every dimension, and every concept of time.

When I look into the future timelines for myself or others, I see that there are many possibilities and potentials. Most events are not set in stone. When we transmit our energy and it radiates out into the field, the fabric, or whatever term you want to use, it shifts us into different timelines and therefore, different probable futures.

I know this is a lot to wrap the brain around because it goes against everything that we are taught to believe, and against our concepts of reality and linear time, but I invite you to give it some real thought.

If you can really allow yourself to see everything from this point of view, you cannot help but to feel empowered! You are in no way insignificant, and you DO have the power to alter the course of everything in existence. Do not underestimate the power you have as a vibrational transmitter of energy. This is why so much of my work involves helping people see what they are putting out, and how to become more in control of their vibrational output.

And, one last thing… Some may read this and get a little paranoid. For some people, the idea that they are this powerful, and that their choices can affect literally everything, will send them into hyper awareness of every thought they think. It’s not necessary.

All you have to do is continue to find alignment with your Higher Self. When you feel good, when you are appreciating anything, when you are loving, when you meditate, when you enjoy nature… you are in alignment with your highest self/Source. Keep your focus there, and you will contribute to that same alignment through all dimensions of time/space.

You are that powerful!

Jami Derro