Soul Lineage: Are You A Starseed?

One of the major, juicy tidbits of information that we can find out about our very own soul, is our SOUL LINEAGE. This tells us the history of our soul, so to speak, going back to its origins. Many people, in fact ALL of the people I have done Soul Aligning Readings for, are STARSEEDS. And NONE of them knew that they were!

You may be thinking, “What is a starseed?” and “How do I know if I am a starseed?” WelI, if you are reading this right now, you most likely are one! Typically, starseeds seek out this type of information. They feel drawn to learn about metaphysical and spiritual topics. They feel a push towards a bigger purpose that usually involves helping others, helping the planet, or doing healing work in some form.

Now, let’s answer the first question, “What is a starseed?” People that fall into this category have a soul lineage that originated in another star system! Basically, they haven’t just had lifetimes here on Earth. The starseeds that I have encountered have been from Pleiades, Sirius, Mintaka, Polaris, Hadar, Nihal, Alpha Centauri, and Arcturus. I also have done readings for quite a few from a group called the Blueprinters.

There are “old starseeds” that have been incarnating on Earth for thousands of years. They often have had incarnations in Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, etc. They hold a LOT of wisdom from these various time periods within their DNA, and through soul aligning and other practices, they can activate this dormant DNA, they will again have access to all that they know! Many are here now because this is an exciting time (metaphysically speaking) to be on this planet. And, their wisdom is very valuable. They often will be the ones to advance spiritually so they can teach others, and help others awaken to a higher state of consciousness.

There are “typical starseeds” that have had somewhere around a hundred lifetimes, give or take, here on the Earth plane. They will resonate with a lot of the characteristics of a starseed, but may not have the ancient ties that an “old starseed” would. But, they too will be able to access wisdom and expertise gained over lifetimes.

“New starseeds” are popping up all over the place these days! These are NOT new souls, they are just new to Earth. They have had very few, if any, incarnations here. They are coming at this time because humanity as a whole is making a big shift into a higher level of conscious awareness than ever before. These are souls that have preferred to stay in their high vibrational dimension until such time that they feel they can bring that higher vibration to the dense vibration of the 3D and 4D where we here on Earth have been existing. However, since Earth has shifted, or is shifting, depending on who you ask, to a 5D state, their frequencies of vibration are more compatible, and not only that, they are needed to complete this shift for humanity.

Many starseeds, especially the new ones, will feel different than the “norm.” They often feel as if they don’t really belong here. They tend to be empathic as well as intuitive or very psychic and that can change how they relate to the outside world, peers, and their own family members. Those that are here for the first time or close to it may feel like life here is really harsh and dense. They are used to a much higher vibration, and come from a place of unconditional love.

Finding out about your Soul Lineage can help you understand yourself better.

But, there is a bigger and more important reason that every starseed should know: Your Starseed Mission!

Here’s the thing. All starseeds have incarnated now with specific missions that they themselves chose prior to incarnating. We all have a mission or missions, and they are unique to us. Some are here to help other people with soul retrieval, others are bringing in higher energies, and some are here to break through old paradigms and systems. These are just to name a few.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of them actually remember what it is! So, how do you go about remembering what it is you came here to do?

One way is to connect with your spirit guides from your specific soul group. Ok, I realize that for a lot of you reading this, that may seem much easier said than done at this point, but with help, guidance, and practice, you most certainly can hone your ability to tune into your guides and have actual dialogue with them! Their mission is to help you remember your mission and fulfill it. They are ALWAYS communicating with you, but you have to be in a close enough vibrational state to receive that communication. That should be your focus…getting into vibrational alignment with that frequency.

Another way to uncover your Soul Lineage and mission is to book a Soul Aligning reading. These are just a couple of the pieces of information you will learn about your soul and your soul purpose in this lifetime. You will get all of the details you need to get started on your path, as well as guidance from your guides on the best way to connect with them. To book a Soul Aligning Reading, or to find out what else this reading reveals, click here.

Whatever you do, do something! Trust me when I say that your calling toward expansion and service will get stronger and stronger, and the longer you ignore it, the more uncomfortable your life will become. You will feel that inner push for living your purpose. See where it pushes you!