Predicting The Future

I hope you all are enjoying the “now” that you are experiencing. That is where our power to create our future comes from…the present moment. In each moment, you are either appreciating or fearing, loving or worrying, anticipating or blaming…or experiencing one of countless other emotions. Take a second to identify what you are feeling right in this current moment, as your eyes are reading this.

Make a mental note, and ask yourself, “Is that what I want more of in my future?” If the answer is yes, then you just keep on goin! If the answer is “no”, then an adjustment is needed A.S.A.P.

Because your dominant emotion right now = your dominant point of attraction right now. Your emotion lets you know what vibrational statement you are sending out into the universe to be matched with “like” experiences - actual, physical experiences that will reinforce and reflect that vibrational statement.

With each shift of your dominant vibration, you begin to shift into a different future “timeline.”

So what is a timeline?

Here is where we need to take a peak into the 5th dimensional plane of reality. A dimension is just a plane of reality that exists within a certain range of vibration. The 3rd dimension you are well acquainted with because it is where your physical body and physical world exist. The 4th dimension is the non-physical realm of your thoughts, emotions, and astral planes.

Within the 5th dimension of reality, the laws of physics that we know here in 3D, don’t apply at all. It is here that you can access the quantum field, aka the Akashic. In 5D, there is no linear time. Everything is now. That is why we can see, within the quantum field, all the lifetimes a soul experienced/experiences, as well as potential events, trajectories and lifetimes.

It can be a bit of a mind-twist to think outside of the limits of linear time in this way. We are used to thinking in terms of past, present and future.

When I access the quantum field to do a reading for a client, I can see other lifetimes in which they were experiencing some energetic patterns that they are repeating in this lifetime. However, even if these lifetimes occurred in other “time periods” like the middle ages or ancient Egypt, they really are not past lives.

The clearest way that I have found to describe this is to think of each lifetime as a novel that you write. You are the author, and you get to pick the setting, the time period, and the characters in the book. You decide the major events, themes and plot twists. The rest, the details that fill in the story come to you as you begin the writing (your free will in each lifetime).

Now, all of these books (lifetimes), no matter what the time period of the setting, exist all at the same time. They all exist, but you are not reading them all at the same time! You have chosen one on which to focus, and that my friends, is your current “reality.” You have chosen to focus your consciousness, your attention, on this particular novel, this lifetime where you are you, and you are living the story-line that you laid out.

Some of the major themes and plot twists were set ahead of time, before your incarnation into this 3D world. But, the bulk of the story develops as you live, have experiences, and use your free will and the law of attraction to fill in the details.

So, when we look into “future”, what we can see are the destiny points that you set ahead of time, as well as the possible future timelines and the probable future timelines.

Anything is possible. I cannot stress that enough! If you can imagine something, then it is possible! But, an idea or future timeline only comes into your physical reality once it has become a probability.

You transform a possibility into a probability by shifting your dominant vibrational statement, aka your point of attraction, to one that matches that future possibility. If you can make that shift and consistently stay in that vibration for enough time, a tipping point is reached, and that future wanted experience will manifest.

But, what you are really doing is matching yourself up with a timeline where you experience that wanted outcome. There are countless potential timelines, that through our choices and dominant point of attraction, we can switch to at any time.

Let’s go back to the novel analogy. Let’s say that there are a series of novels that you wrote that all take place in the same time period with the same main character (you). Consider each of these novels as a different timeline that you can access.

In one novel, you won the lottery, bought a mansion, and travel the world. In another one, you are working a job you hate, and struggle living paycheck to paycheck. In another, you have a job you love and a stable financial situation.

In all of these, you are you, but at any time, you could choose to pick up one of the novels and focus on it. And just like any really good novel, you become immersed in that storyline, and get lost in it. It becomes very real. You have shifted to that timeline. This is how we change our reality.

We shift timelines countless times a day with each choice we make. Even choices that seem insignificant can change the trajectory into the future. Whether you took a right turn or a left turn at an intersection can take you down a whole new timeline.

This is why it is very important to stay connected with your Higher Self/Inner Being. This aspect of you that sees the broader perspective will nudge you to take the right turn versus the left, because they know what is to come on that particular path.

So, when we look to find answers about our future, you can see that there are a lot of variables at play. The only things that are set in stone are your destiny points and those timelines that have developed from possible futures to close to 100% probable futures.

I have noticed more often than not now, that people are making huge shifts in their timelines because they are learning about the law of attraction, and some are learning about quantum jumping. That is a whole other topic.

But also, I notice that timelines are coming and going at a faster pace. Maybe this is because with the internet, we have greater access to new ideas which causes us to change what we desire more often. More choices that we are aware of = more possibilities = more indecision about what we really want.

Either way, when we look into future events, we have to take into account the “free will factor.”

When I do a reading for someone, I ask first if what they are wanting is in alignment with their highest good. Then I look into the probable futures. If they have a specific manifestation goal in mind, I will tell them how probable it is at this time, and what they can do to shift it to a physically manifested reality. Basically, what they need to do to shift to that particular timeline.

If you meet with a psychic for a reading, you want to be aware of what you are asking and how you are asking it. If you ask the question “Will I find love?” That is a very loaded question. The truth is that you have to match “love” vibrationally in order to experience it. So, unless you have been doing that to the point that it is your dominant point of attraction, and you have turned that possibility into a definite probability, you will not get an accurate answer.

You will be better off asking the question, “How close am I to manifesting a loving, romantic relationship, and what can I do to align more with that experience?”

In any event, always keep in mind that you are the creator of your own reality.

What an empowering thought that is!

You are not at the whim of the Universe or of God/Source. You get to decide which timelines you want to experience!

So, which “novel” will you decide to get lost in today?

Jami Derro