Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children And Adults

What are indigo, crystal and rainbow children?

I’m not really into labels, because they tend to categorize people into little boxes based on a few criteria that they happen to meet. But, in the spiritual/metaphysical community, there is a lot of talk about those labeled “Indigo children”, “Crystal Children”, and “Rainbow children.” These are three categories of people that often fall under what people refer to as the “New Children.”

As I spend a great deal of time doing soul readings, I have met many people that fall in to the these categories, or who are parents of children who do. But, I have found that there are a lot of misconceptions circulating out there about what this actually means and why it matters at all.

I would like to share some of my own findings and experiences in order to broaden our understanding of these souls and why they are here. Their similarities and their differences.

Just to set the stage a little, we need to talk briefly about “starseeds” and what that term means. Starseeds are souls that have had many incarnations in other star systems that were in alignment with their soul’s vibrational signature. These souls spend a lot of time with their star families and incarnate into the Earth plane at various times for specific reasons. You may have heard of Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, etc.

There are starseeds that have incarnated many, many hundreds times here, some that have incarnated a moderate amount of times, and then the “new starseeds” that have only incarnated here a few times if any. All “new children” are starseeds, but not all starseeds are “new children.”

The first common misconception is that these “new children” are “new souls.” This is not the case. Our souls are eternal and really, on a soul level, there is no “new,” and no past, present or future for that matter. Everything is “now” once you get into the higher dimensions of the soul (5th dimension and higher). Some souls are new to the Earth plane though, and their experiences may be very different than those that have had many incarnations here.

It’s like traveling to a foreign country. Those that have gone there many times have probably learned the language, have figured out how things work, and how to assimilate into the culture. Those that are visiting for the first time will be new to the language, the culture, and the “rules”, so they may struggle to fit in and to understand how to assimilate.

But, it’s not just about how many lifetimes these souls have had within the 3D Earth plane that puts them into the “new children” category. It’s also about their vibe, the energetic vibration that they brought into this plane when they incarnated. Each of these souls serve humanity and our evolution just by bringing in their own light so to speak. Let’s break it down and take a look at each one:


The indigo children came in with indigo auras. This indigo light corresponds with the 6th chakra, which is the 3rd eye. The 6th chakra is all about clarity, vision, truth and the spiritual warrior energy. That is what these souls brought here in service to humanity.

These souls were the ones that came in when it was time for a change here on Earth. When we were ready to start making the transition into higher consciousness. It is no coincidence that these souls began incarnating en masse at the same time that the evolution of our technology began to make quantum leaps.

Look at how fast we have developed technologically since the 1970’s. We went from mainframe computing systems that would take up a whole large room, typewriters and fax machines, to smartphones, virtual reality and internet. These souls are visionaries. They were able to “see” the potentials for humanity and new ways of life that would replace the old systems. Because they are very aligned with truth and justice, many of them focused a spotlight on corrupt systems, and paradigms that were not serving humanity as a whole.

Think about how the internet has given us ALL the power to share information. Prior to that, we had very limited means of getting and sharing knowledge. Most of which was filtered through media outlets, the government, etc. We are still seeing some of that now, and we still need to use our own discernment, but we are so far from where we were, thanks to the indigo souls.

These people tend to be very intuitive, and many are clairvoyant, since they are dominant in that 6th chakra energy. The third eye may have remained open since their childhoods, or often will close during puberty/teen years and then later be re-opened by them. Not all of these souls have stepped into their purpose here or their spiritual abilities. It is always a choice.

One common misconception is that indigos are all “new children".” Not all indigo souls are new to this earth plane. Some are old starseeds that have incarnated many times. They most likely choose pivotal times when humanity needs some new ideas and ways of thinking. But, these souls also may become so immersed in the human experience that they allow themselves to deny their purpose. All souls have free will.


These souls came into this incarnation bringing in crystal energy. This clear energy vibration corresponds with the 7th chakra, the crown chakra. These souls have a very close connection to their Divinity.

The people I have met that have this crystal energy vibration, for the most part have souls from an 8th dimensional reality. A dimension with a high vibrational frequency. Many of these souls are from soul groups/star families such as Nihal, Hadar, Arcturus, and Mintaka.

In my experience, these souls have come to bring in this higher vibrational energy. Many are here serving as grid-workers. It’s like they serve as actual physical crystals. Wherever they are geographically, they would bring in a high frequency vibration, and not only transmit this higher vibration, but also transmute the energy around them. Just as crystals like quartz, selenite, etc., are transmitters and transmuters of energy. If they are drawn to move to another location, it is because their energy is needed there.

Also, almost all that I have come into contact with have chosen parents that are already open spiritually, or whom have dormant awareness, and the child themselves play a role in “awakening” the parent or parents.

For the most part, these souls have had few, if any, lifetimes within the earth plane, although there are exceptions. Another interesting thing that I found is that many of these souls went through a spiritual evolution of their own within other physical dimensions of reality, just not the physical dimension here on earth.

One common misconception is that these souls didn’t start incarnating until after the year 2000. While the majority of them may have incarnated within the last 18 years of our physical time, I have met several that are quite a bit older, in their 30’s now.

There are some traits that are applied to crystal souls, but again, there are always exceptions. Since many of them have not had many lives on this physical plane, they may have some difficulty making the transition from using their non-physical senses, which they are accustomed to using, to their physical senses. They are used to communicating telepathically, and may continue to do that during their physical incarnation. Many can struggle to assimilate, just as a foreign traveler may struggle when they visit a new country for the first time.

Many of these souls are able to “see” and sense other dimensions that most cannot see. They spend much time experiencing these non-physical dimensions, while those around them do their best to get them to conform to our way of communicating, and sensing the physical world.

I believe, as do others, that many children labeled with autism, are actually just tuned in more with their non-physical senses than their physical senses. Imagine if you were sensing multiple worlds or realities all at the same time. Talk about sensory overload! Many of these souls also find it difficult to adjust to their dense physical bodies.

Some of these souls, as well as the rainbow souls, may or may not be “activated” or “awakened” to their purpose and to their spiritual abilities. There are some that come in knowing who they are and why they are here. Other souls desire to experience more of the physical world and the contrast it provides. They don’t necessarily want to come in and stay in a transcendent point of view, rather they want to relate a little more to the human experience so they can then move on to assist in the transmutation of those “human” and denser vibrations into higher ones.


Rainbow souls may have a lot of the same characteristics as the crystal souls. The rainbow energy contains ALL the light frequencies. This energy is aligned with the 8th chakra. Think of one who has integrated and enlightened each of the 7 chakras, activating their energies and color vibrations (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).

My experience when connecting with higher dimensional aspects of these souls, is that they have completed the process of ascension within some reality. It may have been within the earth plane, another physical plane, or within a non-physical plane.

Some of these souls are new here, but again, I have met old starseeds that have had many hundreds of incarnations on earth, and now have incarnated with this rainbow energy. They have achieved a certain level of embodiment and evolution. They are bringing in this wisdom and this vibrational frequency and are using this lifetime to access and transmit what is called “christ consciousness.”

The word “christ” means “anointed”. It was a name given to the soul that we know as Jesus, but it is not specific to him, although many only associate it only with him. This christ consciousness is available to ALL of us, whether you believe in Jesus or not. So, let’s take out the religious connotation for the word christ.

As we all let go of our lower vibrational beliefs, patterns, hurts and limitations, we will begin to embody these higher vibrational energies. Rainbow souls are here to help us do that. They are ushering the Gold ray light of christ consciousness. Most often, they serve by example. Most that I have done soul readings for have a soul mission to demonstrate mastery. They are here to live their lives in such a way that they show us what is possible.

Rainbow souls do not think the same way that the majority of people do. They literally cannot be what we want them to be based on our concepts of how a person should think and act. Some assimilate a little more than others, but for the most part, you will see them march to the beat of their own drummer. And, they teach US how to live like that too!

An awaked and fully embodied rainbow soul is a force like no other force! They are here, guiding us into the 5D way of living. These are masters here on earth. As children, if they chose a family that tries to impose old ways of thinking and being on them, they may struggle because they actually know better! They know better, but like any child, the disapproval of our parents has an affect on us.

Parenting a rainbow energy child, is an education to say the least! I speak from personal experience here. It is fascinating and humbling. I had to learn that while I can provide him with shelter, food, and other necessities, and guide him when needed, I cannot see myself as “knowing” more than him. These souls are our teachers!

Some are already living their purpose and using their spiritual abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy, astral projection, etc. Others are receiving now the “light codes” that will activate their awareness and bring them more into alignment with their soul intentions.

This is such an exciting time, and we are surrounded by these indigo, crystal, and rainbow souls. Things are changing!! We are raising our consciousness as a whole with the help of these beautiful souls.

Do you recognize yourself or your child in these descriptions? If these descriptions resonate with you, but you want more information about your soul lineage or your child’s soul lineage, and you need some help with that, book a Soul Aligning Session.

Jami Derro