Do You Choose Your Future, Or Is It Destiny?

Since ancient times, people have pondered the question: "Is our life pre-destined or just a result of our random choices?" I believe that we have the option to re-write any destiny as long as we change the momentum of that "destiny" before it becomes written in stone so to speak.  We have to change our course while it is still in the field of potentiality, a.k.a. the field of possibility.

Quantum physicists talk about this field of potentiality that exists of every possibility of anything and everything that could exist in the world.  These possibilities exist and they lie in wait for us to activate them with our consciousness...our focused attention upon them.  I like to think of it like an endless field of fertile soil with seeds under the surface.  They are lying there, waiting for us to water them and give them light so they can grow and manifest into their potential. 

Everything that you can imagine is possible. The idea is that if it didn't already exist in this field of potentiality, you would not be capable of even imagining it in the first place.

It gets even more interesting because every choice that you make either becomes a possible future or a probable future in this field of potentiality. Let's take the idea of each possibility being a seed under the surface of the soil.

When a choice comes into your awareness...let's say the choice is to go back to college full-time, or to take a certain full-time job.  Both of these options already exist in the field. As you think and contemplate and imagine each of your options, you are focusing your consciousness, your light, upon them.  You ruminate about each option and by doing so, water each seed.  They both begin to grow from potentialities to possibilities. 

In that moment, both of these choices are equally likely to be your future.  You have two possible futures. But, with every choice, you have options. You could choose possibility number one, possibility number two, or you could abandon them both and choose another option all together.

In this scenario, let's say you choose option number one, to go back to college full-time. You have made your decision, and so now you stop contemplating the other option. You stop giving that seed light and water. It doesn't disappear though. It is there, now as a possible future, and it continues to exist.  

But, you have chosen the other option, and so you continue to think about it (give it water), and visualize it (give it light).  The seed has now grown from a possible future into a probably future. You begin to receive inspiration about what actions you need to take to make it happen. Now, you really have the momentum going. You follow your inspiration, and take some physical action. Your probable future has now reached the tipping point. You have given so much attention to that probability, that it becomes a physical manifestation in your life experience.  Voila! 

We all have many possible futures, and our consciousness shines the light on them until they become probable futures and then reach a tipping point where they actually manifest and we have our physical experience of them.  Once you have reached the tipping point, however, it is too late to change your mind. That experience is already manifesting.

Remember that your consciousness, your focused thoughts and feelings are energy.  This energy can be detected by those that are able to tune into and sense energy. If you were to consult a psychic or clairvoyant, they may be able to see your probable futures in your energy field because they have begun to form and are getting ready to manifest. 

That's why it is so important to focus your attention, your consciousness on what you want, not what you don't want! It only takes 68 seconds of your focused attention on an idea, a seed in the field of potentiality, to activate it.  

Think about how often during your day, you have gone into "worry mode."  You may have let your mind imagine something bad happening. When you do that, you activate that seed, and you start to turn it into a possible future! But, it is still only a possible future, and you still have time to make a different choice!  The key is to catch yourself and stop watering that seed. You don't want that seed to grow and become your reality. Actively focus your intention on a different seed! 

As you go about your day today, make yourself aware of which seeds you are watering and giving light.